Beer Running

Think beer and running don't mix?  Well, okay, usually not at the same time, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate craft beer along with an active, healthy life-style. Have a look around for my own experience mixing the two:

2011 Missoula Marathon Adventure

My goal for 2011:  The Missoula Marathon.  All 26.2 miles of it.  July 10, 2011. In under 4 hours.   Here's the posts chronicling my quest:

2010 Missoula Half Marathon Adventure 

2010 marked my first year of running when, at some point in February I made a mental shift to take on the physical challenge of trying to run.  That was followed quickly by a need to set a goal to keep the interest and inspiration going.  That goal was the Missoula half-marathon, my first ever race. Below are the posts describing the fun and challenges along the way.