Good Links

Here are some blogs/sites/people we follow. Really.  Because we like them.  You might like them, too. In no particular order, here they are, in no particular order:

Literature and Libation
Why: Oliver Grey's blog took 1st place for Best Blog in the North American Guild of Beer Writers' writing competition and it's easy to see why.  Very well written commentary on wide ranging subjects involving craft beer.

Appellation Beer
Why: Stan Hieronymus's site is a classic, based on the question "Does it matter where beer is brewed?" Yes.  A pioneer in the world of beer blogging, Stan's posts are certain to challenge the way you think about beer. We don't know him and, for sure, he doesn't know us. We follow because it is that good.

A Good Beer Blog
Why: Want to know the opposing view about everything? And I do mean everything? Alan McLeod's long running blog is certain to challenge the way you think about beer. 

PDX Beer Geeks
Why: Portland, OR, rocks.  If we didn't love Missoula, MT so much, we'd probably be living in Portland. PDX Beer Geeks is a collection of very cool beery types who love to share the goodness of the Portland beer scene. It's good stuff and we've met a couple of them at the Beer Blogger's Conference.   

2 Beer Guys
Why: Because near as we can tell, it's actually made up of at least four people. We met founders Sean and Ryan at the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference and were immediately drawn to their unpretentious ability to share knowledge about beer, how to put on beer events, and everything else to do with craft beer. Missoula Craft Beer Week is due, in part, to their "just do it" kind of encouragement. 

Seacoast Beverage Lab
Why: Because it is a super cool blog name. Though Brian may be proofread-challenged at times, our fellow beer blogger conference attendee has an "everyman" thirst for beer and beer knowledge in the Northeastern U.S. and presents it in an accessible, informative way. More recently, Brian has been less about the written word, instead creating an excellent podcast with guests running the likes of Cigar City, The Alchemist and much more.

Beer in Colorado
Why: They are fellow beer blogger conference attendees and it's exceptionally well written. Try not to laugh while reading one of their lengthy, but informative posts.

Montana Brewers Association
Why: MBA is our local brewers guild, a very important component of our thriving craft beer industry in Montana. Executive director Tony and all the member breweries keep us informed of the Montana brewing scene and, of course, brew some great craft beer.


Want to be listed?  Here's the deal. We list sites we truly do follow. We don't engage in "link exchanges" where "you scratch my back, i'll scratch your back" merely to boost presence on the web.  Sure, that works to our disadvantage, but so what. There's a lot of good reading out there that isn't listed here. So help us out and send us a nomination to: alan @


  1. This facebook page is growing fast. It is called: MT Craft Brew Lovers monitoring the State Legislature

  2. Heading to Kalispell and plan on attending the Brewfest in Whitefish tomorrow. Why no mention of that event anywhere (except the ski resort website)?

  3. That's a good question to ask them, Dave G. We do our best to track down events to help promote them when time allows, but rely on event organizers, breweries, etc. to give us the heads up whenever possible. Some do so reliably, others we never hear from.