Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Study: The Impact of Craft Brewing on Montana's Economy

The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research (there's a mouthful) issued a press release yesterday about it's study of the the impact craft brewing has on Montana's economy.  The independent study, initially released at the Montana Brewers Association fall conference in Missoula, shows some impressive results. 

As a whole, "the impact of the industry represents more than 430 jobs, nearly $50 million in private-sector sales, $9.8 million in private nonfarm compensation, $1.8 million in government compensation and $1.5 million in state government revenues."

The study was prepared following a nine-question survey administered during summer 2012 to all Montana brewers. Data was collected for 2010 and 2011 production, sales, employment, compensation, expenditures, and benefits.  Ninety-seven percent of brewers (30 of 31) responded to the survey which includes numbers only for those breweries that were in operation by the end of 2011. (That number does not include the two breweries who opened in December 2011, but did not yet have numbers.) Since then, several more breweries have opened in 2012 with one more set to open soon.

The study also found that from 2010 to 2011: production increased 18%: 87,000 bbls to 103,000 bbls; sales increased 20%: $21.8 to 26.1 million; and employment increased 39%: 231 to 320 jobs.

The entire report can be found at the Bureau's website here.


  1. Amazing and awesome...Even in these depressed economic times, folks are still tendng towards quality craft beer. Great news for Montana brewers

  2. What is the Farm portion of this? Need to know the bushels of malt used to help fight LC1322 by getting Ag community involved.

  3. Edna,

    I do not have those numbers, but Tony Herbert at the Montana Brewers Association might be able to help you out.