Monday, February 13, 2012

Winning Tweet for Missoula Winter BrewFest

Missoula celebrated another successful brewfest on Saturday with big crowds enjoying 36 beers, live music, great food and plenty of tweeting at the Missoula Downtown Association's second Winter BrewFest.  Growler Fills and Montana Beer Finder teamed up with the MDA to sponsor a tweet contest for a little social media buzz and the chance to win a $25 Downtown Gift Card.

The winning tweet was this super sweet instagram photo from @PNTBLDan as he sang the praises of Blacksmith Brewing Co's new single hop IPA:

“Zythos IPA from Blacksmith is excellent. #MslaBrewFest”

Dan's picture definitely caught our attention, which just beat out two of our other favorite tweets from the event:

From @letitflow:  I took first shift... wife is now imbibing #MslaBrewFest - that's how missoula parents roll

From @BenandRobot:  Is the Pulaski Porter from Blacksmith Brewery in honor of Casmir or Ed? Delicious either way. #MslaBrewFest #uselessdebates

Dan also tweeted a picture of his parents who, rumor has it, may have ditched him to go back for more beer. Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest and thanks to the Missoula Downtown Association for putting on another great event.  We enjoyed getting to meet lots of great folks at the Winter BrewFest and will see you again at many future craft beer events.


  1. Blacksmith's Pulaski Porter is actually named for Brewer Mike Howard's big brother Chad Howard. Chad was a devoted wildland firefighter. He was a Lolo Hotshot as well as on the Krassel Helitack crew. Mike's Belgian Trippel won the People's Choice award at the Montana Brewer's Association Brewfest last winter and he donated the winnings to The Wildland Firefighter's Foundation. Pulaski Porter represents Mike's love for his brother and his passionate desire to fight cancer one beer at a time.

  2. FYI. I'm sure the Zythos IPA from Blacksmith mentioned in the post is a very tasty beer, but it is not a single hop beer. Zythos is a "branded" blend of several hop varieties produced by Hopunion to approximate the bitterness, flavors, and aromas of hard to get varieties such as Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo.

  3. To Anon: Excellent observation and thanks for pointing that out. We reprinted the name of the beer as it was presented in the materials for the event, but agree that the description is not correct. I do not know whether that was Blacksmith's description or the event's. For those interested, more info on Zythos is available here:

  4. Imaginer: Thanks for the information. It is always fun to hear the background behind a name, but especially when it holds important, personal meaning. I've enjoyed Pulaski Porter from the start and will look at it a little differently from here on.