Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Draft Magazine's 100 Best Beer Bars for 2012

This week Draft Magazine issued its annual list of America's 100 Best Beer Bars. It's a fun look at who is doing a great job with craft beer and a useful guide whenever heading to a new city.

Although the 2012 list marks only one establishment in the western region as "new to the list" there are three changes among the 29 entries in the region.  Unfortunately for fans of Missoula's The Rhinoceros, it is one of three western region bars dropped from the list.

Out for 2012 are The Rhino, Concordia Ale House (Portland, OR), and Uber Tavern (Seattle, WA).  In for 2012 are Blue Palms Brewhouse (Hollywood, CA), Hopvine Pub (Seattle, WA), and The Mayor of Old Town (Fort Collins, CO).

My prediction for 2013?  The new Manito Tap House in Spokane, WA, will make a strong run at the list, making it harder for The Rhino to make it back.  They both have 50 taps, but all 50 at Manito are devoted to craft beer and I understand at least 34 of them rotate.  By comparison, The Rhino has 8 or so "macro" taps and far fewer than  half of the taps rotate.

What's your favorite beer bar? 


  1. Hello Boy's, Just some facts about the Rhino in Missoula. On Tap we carry:
    -6 Domestic
    -7 Imports
    -22 Micro/Craft which are the standard. Stuff like Widmer Hefe, Sierra Nevada Pale etc..
    -15 Rotators. These are dedicated to Seasonals.
    Check it out. We will be holding our annual Barley Wine Festival in Feb. On our list this year:
    -2007 Old Guardian from Stone
    -2008 Gnarly Wine from Lagunitas
    -2008 Big Nugget from Alaskan
    -2008 BigFoot from Sierra Nevada
    -2009 Old Crusty from Rogue.
    Please do not count the Rhino out. We will try harder this year to provide beers to our customers that no one else in the N.W. can offer. How about a nice glass of Piraat IPA. Come on, "Charge In and Get Your Horn Wet", only at the Rhinoceros in Missoula, MT. Brad Martens

  2. Brad,

    We love the Rhino and visit frequently to see what's new. Glad to know you're not resting on past success and are looking out for craft beer lovers. That lineup looks fantastic and we'll gladly help spread the word.