Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where to Find Beer: JB's Food and Bottleworks

From the outside, JB's Food and Bottleworks at 5503 N. Alberta Street in Spokane, Washington looks like any other convenience store.  There's a single entrance at the front of a rather nondescript, moderately well kept, but unforgettable building.*

But take a look at this picture and you'll see what greets you on the inside.  That's right. Among the cheetos, chex mix, twinkies, fountain pop and other various and sundry convenience store staples is an impressive wall of craft beer bombers.  It's a far bigger selection than any store in western Montana** and a must stop if you're in the area.  There's another half wall of bombers, too along with pockets here and there in other areas of the store.  You'll find a few 12 oz bottles, here and there, too, but the focus here is on the big, bold and the beautiful.

Both coasts are represented (mostly by recognized "bigger" breweries) as well as many in between.  There's beer here from Allagash in Portland, Maine, Lost Abbey in San Marcos, CA, Great Divide in Denver, and Boulevard in Kansas, MO. 

We've written before about two nearby beer stores, Bottles in Millwood, WA and Enoteca in Post Falls, ID. All three tend to have different selections and each is worth checking out if you're a beer adventurer. And who isn't?

UPDATE:  When you're at JB's pay attention to the bottle dates.  Unfortunately, we've discovered a number of bottles there that were were well past their prime. 


**  Toppers Cellar in Helena has a fine selection of 12 oz brews and mixed bombers over in Southwest Montana.


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  2. JB's now has a 15 tap growler refill station too!!