Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming Soon: The 12 Days Of Christmas Cheer

Since we're a little late to do an advent beer countdown for the holiday season, we're gearing up for a 12 days of Christmas Cheer beer extravaganza.  Well, extravaganza may be a bit of an overstatement, but what better excuse to try a new beer each day to wind down the holiday season?  The traditional 12 days of Christmas begins on Christmas Day and runs for . . . .well . . . . er . . . . 12 days.  Perhaps we'll get started a few days early.

So I ask you, dear blog fans. What should be on the list?  Here's two I'm looking for:  Deschutes' Brewing's 2010 release of The Abyss and Full Sail Brewing Company's new Bump in the Night cascadian dark ale/black IPA/IBA, or whatever they're supposed to be called. I've still got a couple bottles of the 2009 release of The Abyss and I'm anxious to try it against the 2010 release. I've enjoyed many of Full Sail's brewmaster reserve beers and the cascadian dark ale style of beer is really winning me over. I haven't seen either in the stores around Missoula yet, so let me know if you find them. 

What's on your list for the holiday season?


  1. Full Sail's Wassail. I don't think we're getting Abyss in Montana until January. Got a steal last year on a case for $3.50/bottle at Albertson's. Pretty sure they had it mispriced but my conscious didn't speak loud enough...
    Robin GF

  2. Full Sail's Wassail is definitely a good one to have on the list for the holidays. I tried Full Sail's Wreck the Halls a week or so ago and enjoyed it. The Abyss showed up at Worden's Market in Missoula in November last year. I'd never let my conscience get in the way of a good deal for beer.

  3. Two I would look at:
    wachusett Larry
    wachusett Milk stout

    Larry besides being good has a good story: