Monday, June 21, 2010

Where To Find Beer: Enoteca, Post Falls, ID

On a recent weekend trip over to Spokane, WA, we took a quick exit off I-90 to stop and have a look at Enoteca, a wine and beer store in Post Falls, ID. It sits in a small strip mall on busy Seltice Way.  When I stopped in, I was fresh off a visit to the Vintage Cellar which I had explored only a couple of weeks before and led me to initially make an unfair comparison in the world of beer specialty stores. Yet, as I learned from the comments below, Enoteca has 386 brews and growing.  Enoteca's current niche is in a variety of specialty, interesting brews.

Enoteca groups its beers by variety, rather than by region and brewery. The vast majority are 22oz and 750ml bottles of specialty brew.  In other words, you won't find a six pack of Deschutes' Black Butte Porter, but you will find 22oz bottles of Black Butte XXI, Jubel Ale 2010 and the Abyss (there are a few six packs mixed in).  I picked up a bottle of Denver, CO's Great Divide Brewing's Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout and Winthrop, WA's Old Schoolhouse Brewery's Hooligan Stout.  There was lots more to choose from, too.  Not surprisingly given the packaging, the beers tended to be big and bold. That's not a complaint. I do think a bit more space devoted to some IPAs, pale ales and some lighter, crisper brews would be good, particularly during the hot months of the year (and that's coming from a malthead).

Enoteca offers frequent wine and beer tastings and classes and has a sizeable area devoted to such fun. They also do a great job with their website which includes updates on new beers in stock along with lots of other information.  All in all, the store earns a Growler Fills Seal of Approval.

[Note: This post was updated on Nov. 8, 2010 to reflect new information.]


  1. Enoteca is an oasis in a barren wasteland.

  2. I've always been surprised at the relative lack of craft brewing support in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area. Sure, there's Northern Lights Brewing and Coeur d'Alene brewing, but I hear even that is moving or shutting down. How can an area with that population not support far more breweries? Look at Missoula. Three quality breweries, one with two locations. At least the availability of great beer is increasing with places like Enoteca and Bottles and I've found some great selections on tap at the Steelhead Grill, Post Street Ale House and the Flying Goat in Spokane.

  3. Thanks for the great write-up! I found out that you talked about us from one of the several Missoulians that have stopped in recently. I lived in Missoula for a couple years and love that town!

    You're right that we don't have enough beer, I'd love to have space for more. We're working on it! Just a few factoids... We presently have 386 Beer SKU's in stock, not mentioning Cider/Mead/Sake, etc. We also have 1 beer on a rotating tap, right now it's 21st Ammendment Hop Crisis.

    Another note, not sure if you saw the Hop Fridge, which is where we keep all our IPA's and Pales. Still not as much as I'd like, but as of right now I have 40 different SKUs in there, mostly Double/Imperial IPAs and since 'tis the season, Fresh Hops.

    Thanks again for writing about us, and if there are any beers you're looking for let me know, I'll do my best to track them down and fill you up!

  4. Enoteca,

    I'm glad we were able to steer some business your way from fellow Missoulians. I did miss the Hop Fridge and I'll admit to only having enough time to breeze in and breeze out. 386 skus in stock is an impressive number and you've established a great niche that fits well with your great wine selection. I'm going to make an adjustment to my post to reflect that I missed the boat on the number of beers. Next time I'm over your way, I'll stop in and say hello. If there's anything the blog can do to help spread the word about great craft beer opportunities, just let me know.